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IOREBA Aims to Grow in Value as Well as Membership

Nov 1 2008
New Jersey Real Estate Journal

Shared Experiences, Perspectives Help Professionals Become More Beneficial

The discussion covered not just the New York MetropolitanArea and its various submarkets, but included an overview of the global and national economies. The important part was learning what is happening on many scales and how conditions trickle down to and across geographic cares. Looking ahead, in the coming months we will be hosting a discussionon real estate financing in today’s climate. We have a public speaker scheduled for a program that will help our members develop new skills for successfully communicating their services and products. Our Developer’s Night in March will feature a panel discussion about conditions in the office, industrial, retail and multifamily markets. In short, our educational programs seek to connect our members with the current environment and open new doors - even in a struggling market. Real Estate brokerage and related professionals today all are looking for answers on how to best weather this economic downturn. In the New York Metropolitan Area, we have survived four recessions since 1975. IOREBA’s diverse membership includes senior members who have been through all four, newer members who have never seen one, and many who fall somewhere in between. With so many different experiences, we surely will - once again - be able to rely on one another for valuable perspectives, knowledge and skills that will unveil and create opportunity.